Virgin Blue are spammers

I’ve been trying to remove myself from the Virgin Blue vmail email list for several months without success. None of the options I’ve tried work, and I have not received any response from the complaints I have made via their web based complaints form.

Do NOT subscribe to Virgin Blue’s mailing lists – you will not be able to get yourself removed from them.

Virgin Blue’s customer services leave a lot to be desired.

If they don’t take action to remedy this shortly, I will be taking this further – including investigating what legal options are available against spammers.


2 Responses to “Virgin Blue are spammers”

  1. Sim' says:

    Yeah, I have no problem deleting the emails at my end – Thunderbird’s filters make it easy to do so. It’s the principle of the matter though … they need to fix their processes.

  2. Sim,

    When ever I provide an email address to a company I make a new one up on the spot like “”, then using Quadra’s “catchall” facility all the email comes back to my main account.. when I get sick of spam from Tossers like Virgin Blue I formally register the email address with Quadra and select the option to trash all the incoming mail.. works a treat.. Bit hard dealing with legacy stuff where I provided a legit email address a few year ago..

    Keep up the good fight, Virgin Blue needs to be called to account.. Good luck!

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