New mobo

Drove out to Chipping Norton this arvo to swap over my motherboard – got home, tested it… success !

I got the new mobo installed in the case, testing every step of the way to make sure everything else was okay.

Finally get to the point of being ready to install WinXP – blue screen after only a couple of minutes.

Time for some more research on the web.

There are lots of people reporting problems with this range of motherboard… but there are also lots of people who claim that the problems can generally be solved (most of the biggest problems are incompatible hardware – memory usually). The general consensus also seems to be that once you get the problems solved, they really are very very good motherboards… so I feel a bit happier about persisting in trying to get this working.

First thing to check – yes I do have the most up to date BIOS.

Next thing I noticed was that there are some people who complain about problems with SATA drives on these new mobos. I discoverd that it is necessary to load the SATA drivers at the beginning of the WinXP setup process.

Okay, so I’ve done that now, and I’m actually making progress this time. I’ve got to the point of formatting the new drive – it’s up to about 6% and looks like it will take another hour or so to complete – so I might go cook dinner while I’m waiting.

I’ll post back some more infoon where I’m up to a bit later.


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