Day 40 – Artesanias Maku Bogota

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Our last full day in Bogota today – we started tidying up ready to get stuck into the packing and preparing for our long trip home.

We did do one activity today though, Patricia picked us up mid-morning and drove us to Artesanias Maku, a large handicraft and souvenir store not that far from the hotel. This place was huge – three storeys tall and full of very interesting items, from the amazingly intricate to the downright tacky.

We spent an hour or so browsing through the store and working out what we wanted to buy. We were conscious of the fact that we had already bought a new bag in Cali – and it was full before we left there! We didn’t really want to buy another bag. We knew we didn’t have a lot more space in our existing bags, so we were cautious about how much stuff we bought – probably a good thing, otherwise we may well have bought half the store!

Andres didn’t have much fun – he was bored and grumpy, but we managed to keep him going long enough to buy some things and jumped back in the car and headed back to the hotel to start packing.

Our room at the Halifax in Bogota

Our room at the Halifax in Bogota

Looking from the doorway of our room at the Halifax towards the TV and play room downstairs

Leanne spent the afternoon sorting and packing while I entertained the kids in the TV room. We were aiming to only need to open one or two bags while in Santiago, so we had to work out what we would need for the rest of the trip and pack things with that in mind.

Packing is difficult enough with one kid, seems to be exponentially more so with two! At least they were cute!

The kids commandeer one of our bags to play in

It ended up being a late night, but we got ourselves organised and ready to leave in the morning.

Andres takes a photo of Mama with the tablet computer, inbetween watching episodes of Pocoyo and playing computer games.

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