Assignment #1 in the mail

Well, after a rather late night Thursday night, I finally got uni assignment #1 done – a 1500 word essay on “Adult Education in Australia and Internationally. The philosophies and traditions which influence adult educators”.

Due in on Monday, and they won’t allow us to email the assignments in (without prior begging), so I express-posted it in on Friday.

Was quite hard work – I haven’t had any real experience writing essays for university courses, so I wasn’t sure exactly what they expect. That’s the problem of coming from a technical background I guess – they don’t expect people to be able to write in those types of courses (and mostly those doing the technical courses can’t !). Fortunately I have actually developed a bit of writing skill (this blog has certainly helped) – but that doesn’t specifically help me with the style and structure of a uni assignment. I had to rely on the University’s “style guides” to try and get an idea of what was acceptable or not. Referencing was particularly difficult – never having done anything quite like this before. I think I did it right (Leanne was a bit of help here – helping me understand the uni’s referencing guide).

So we’re having a slack weekend this weekend – no study, no work … nice to relax for a change.

Next assignment is longer and a lot more reading required, so we’re going to have to get into that as soon as possible.

With Leanne doing the same course, it’s been good to have someone around to discuss ideas with and even have a debate or two.

Of course, if one of us passes and the other fails, there’s going to be a bit of tension in the house. Let’s hope we both get through!


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  1. How likely are you both to sound alike in essays? You both have vastly differing “voices” but it will be interesting to see if you both agree on the issues.

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