Day 36 – Halifax Again

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Another, unintentionally quiet day today.

We had intended to go out and do some tours around Bogota today, but Leanne had spent most of the night with diarrhea and vomiting, so wasn’t feeling up to going anywhere.

She spent a lot of time sleeping while I looked after the kids.

In the afternoon, when Leanne was feeling a little better, we sat in the lounge and watched Madagascar 2 with Andres (Nicol largely ignored the TV) – although he doesn’t really have the attention span to be able to watch an entire movie yet.

By dinner time, Leanne was feeling up to eating a little food and so we booked a tour for tomorrow, hoping she would be okay to spend the day out and about.

Nicol seems to be sleeping a bit better now – she is only waking up once a night for a feed, which is much easier for us to cope with!

She is also much more responsive to us and looks up when we call her name. She is cheeky enough that if I tell her not to do something and shake my head at her, she will smile at me, shake her head, and then usually go and do it anyway.

We have also heard her say “Papa” a couple of times, and also do the baby-sign for “Mama” when she wanted Leanne to pick her up. She’s a quick learner!

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5 Responses to “Day 36 – Halifax Again”

  1. Sim' says:

    Yes, we are home now and final updates are coming soon.

    I didn’t get anywhere near as much work done as I had hoped while I was away (I’m self employed), so I had a lot of catching up to do when we got home!

  2. gaële says:

    you must be back home by now…
    are we going to have little news,
    just to see how you are doing,
    and wait for the next trip for details?

    take good care

  3. Zoe Simms says:

    Thank you for posting your journey on here. I am inspired.


  4. gaële says:

    All these first times are wonderful, congratulations to Nicol… and to you three: I bet it feels incredibly good to observe and live these progresses.

  5. Bill and Jill says:

    Glad Nicol is more settled at night. Hope Mama continues to improve!

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