Colombia trip blog updates

I’ve finally finished the last of the blog entries from our trip to Colombia.

You can find an index here: Colombia 2012

I’ve also added a few new photos to existing entries as I discovered some photos which had not yet been downloaded from various cameras – with phones and computers all having cameras now, there’s actually quite a few places to remember to check for these things!

Here is a quick list of the new photos:

Day 34 – Armenia to Bogota – new photo of Leanne at El Eden airport (taken by Andres on the tablet computer)

Day 38 – Monserrate – two new photos of Nicol added right at the end of the blog entry, stills extracted from video footage

Day 40 – Artesanias Maku Bogota – three new photos of our room at the Halifax hotel

There are still more updates to come when I get the time:

  • I have not processed any of the video yet – I estimate there’s somewhere in excess of 12 hours of video I need to trawl through to see if there’s anything worth uploading. A lot of it will go on the kids’ private blog rather than my public blog – but I do intend to upload some of the scenery footage here.
  • I have nearly 98,000 time lapse images from about 27 trips I need to process into videos. This is a time consuming process due to the very high number of images captured – so it will take some time to get it all done.
  • I have GPS track logs from most of our outings, which I plan on including on the relevant blog entries overlaid onto maps to indicate where it was we travelled.

When I’ve gone back and updated some of the blog entries with these things, I will post another update entry explaining what has been added.


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