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My early political career

Being bored during first year uni, some friends of mine decided to nominate me for president of the Students’ Association of the University of Adelaide in 1991. There were 8 candidates, and my “platform” was to see if I could get as few votes as possible.

Somehow I got over 200 votes, but I think I still placed last – which was the goal overall (I think!).

Some young upstart named Natasha Stott Despoja won the election … but we all dismissed her as having no political future :-)

These were some of the campaign banners that we put together during a lunch break using the uni library photocopying machines and stuck them up around the university.

SAUA President Elections 1991

SAUA President Elections 1991

I always liked this one – a photo of me taken on the banks of the River Torrens near the Uni footbridge, and then photocopied it with a cutout photocopy of a sheep we got from a library book. The effect turned out quite well I think! I guess this was a warped form of animal liberation … not only should animals not live in fear, they should also have the right to a good education!

SAUA President Elections 1991

SAUA President Elections 1991

… ahh the things that bored university students get up to!

Many thanks to Craig P for keeping copies of this stuff and being kind enough to send it to me all those years later.

Uni finished

Well, I submitted my final assignment for first semester on Wednesday – which means I am officially on uni holidays now … yay. It’s been a rather intense couple of months, with some large assignments and a lot of reading and thinking. With all the end-of-financial-year planning I’ve had to do as well, it’s been quite challenging to keep on top of it all (I’m so glad I’m not working at the moment !!!)

For uni, we had our second two block days on the 26th and 27th of May – where we got together for a half day of sharing our group assignments and discussing various aspects of e-learning models and theories that we had learned about during the semester. The other students also commented on how intense these subjects had been – so I’m glad it wasn’t just me.

Anyway – I’m glad that’s all done … and I’m thinking I will stick to the current plan of tackling the other two e-learning subjects next semester – e-Learning Design and e-Learning Technologies … many of the same students from this semester will be doing these subjects too – so it will be good to work with them again.

Leanne is also going to be doing e-Learning Technologies next semester with me – which will be good (although I suspect I’ll be helping her a bit, since they suggest you do the e-Learning Models and Theories subjects first, which Leanne hasn’t).

Uni starts again at the beginning of August – so I’ve got a few weeks to get all the other work done that’s been put off over the last few months. Going to be a busy time !!

Student Life

Spent Sunday afternoon at the UTS library. Leanne wanted to find some books for her big assignment (4000 words) that’s due in a couple of weeks – but didn’t want to drive in herself. She convinced me to come with her – I figured I could take my new laptop and connect to the uni’s WiFi network and do some of my own uni assignment that was due on Monday night.

So I found a nice spot in one of the quiet areas while Leanne went hunting for books.

It actually made me feel a bit nostalgic for when I was at uni full time in my late teens – Leanne and I would often catch the bus to uni together (she lived just up the road from me before we were married). Although I didn’t tend to spend much time at the library then – my Engineering/CompSci subjects meant that I spent most of my time in the computer labs.

Leanne sent me off to try and track down a book she was having trouble finding, and while I didn’t find hers, I did find some useful books for my own assignments – one that caught my attention was “Informal Learning: Rediscovering the Natural Pathways That Inspire Innovation and Performance”, by Jay Cross. Liked it so much, I bought a copy for myself.

Back to Uni

Uni starts again tomorrow. I’m doing two subject this semester towards my Master of Education (Adult Education): e-Learning Experiences, Models and Theories 1 and e-Learning Experiences, Models and Theories 2.

This is via block mode – so I have to attend two days for each subject at UTS on a weekend … my first sessions for these two classes are the weekend after next. Most of the work is done online though.

Should be some interesting subjects – right up my alley.