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Adelaide Road Trip 2009 – Statistics

Here are some statistics from our trip.

Total distance travelled: 4741.8km

Total fuel used: 416.1L

Average fuel economy: 8.8L/100km

Total cost of fuel: $524.70

Highest fuel cost: 129.9c/L (Mildura and Swan Hill)

Lowest fuel cost: 118.8c/L (Clare)

Average fuel cost: 125.7c/L

Total days on trip: 33

Average distance travelled per day (including non-travel days): 143.7km

Adelaide Road Trip 2009 – Day 33

Final leg of our journey today – up early, quick breakfast and then pack the last bits into the car. It was nice and quick since we had done most of the packing the night before.

After checking out, we filled up the car with petrol and then headed onto the motorway towards Sydney. Not far out of Albury, we found the Hume Highway had been closed due to an accident, all traffic was diverted along the Olympic Highway north through Culcairn.

Given how far we had to travel today, we were a little concerned that this would put us a long way behind schedule, but the traffic wasn’t as bad as I had expected, and we were able to stop in Wagga Wagga for a break before heading back to the motorway.

We found out later that the accident had happened around 1am – two trucks collided head-on along a stretch of the highway which had not yet been divided into a dual carriage-way road. Sadly, this stretch of road was due to start construction work for the duplication in only a few weeks.

Once back on the Hume Highway, we continued north, stopping at the Dog on the Tuckerbox monument just out of Gundagai to feed Andres some lunch and to stretch our legs a bit.

We then continued on to Goulburn where we stopped for lunch and let Andres play in the playground in Belmore Park just off the main street.

Traffic had been pretty light until we got closer to Goulburn and got progressively heavier the closer we got to Sydney, as was to be expected. It didn’t end up being anywhere near as bad as I had thought it would – and we arrived home just after 5pm.

Albury to Sydney (via Wagga Wagga)

Albury to Sydney (via Wagga Wagga)

The trip

The complete trip

Adelaide Road Trip 2009 – Day 32

Had a nice relaxing morning this morning – up to feed Andres breakfast and then we all headed down to the dining room so Leanne and I could have a hot breakfast. They have suits of armour decorating the lobby area of the motel, I took Andres for a walk to have a look but he was a bit uncertain about these shining metal things.

We had a quiet morning relaxing at the motel and after Andres had his morning nap we went for a bit of a drive around the town and stopped at a park so he could walk around a bit and play on the playground – he loves swings.

In the afternoon we again relaxed at the motel and I drove to the supermarket for some additional supplies.

In the evening, we spent some time organising our packing, keeping out only what we would need for the morning. I packed most of the car to avoid needing to do it in the morning – with the elevators and inconvenience of it all, we figured it would be easier to get as much done tonight.

We headed to bed early since it would be an early start in the morning.

Adelaide Road Trip 2009 – Day 31

Finally got up and going at a decent time today – Andres slept well, and thus so did we.

We woke up to find it raining and quite a bit cooler than we had experienced over the past few days. I was beginning to think it would remain 42 degrees every day for the remainder of our trip!

By the time we got on the road it was raining quite hard (I got quite wet loading the car!), and indeed it rained non-stop all the way to Albury. We stopped in Deniliquin for some morning tea and to feed Andres a little, and I was regretting looking at the weather forecast (28 degrees and showers) rather than the reality (15 degrees and rain) when I chose my wardrobe for the day – my warmer clothes were packed in the boot and were not easy to get to. Needless to say, it was hot-chocolate for morning tea rather than our usual fare of a cold drink!

The rain seemed to get heavier the further we drove – I’m not sure if the towns we passed through got a lot of rain or whether we just followed this one rain band as we drove east. Either way, there was a lot of water on the road which made it a little challenging at times, but there was very little traffic so it was an easy drive despite the rain.

We arrived in Albury just after 2pm, checked into our motel and started unloading the car. Our motel room is quite unique – a two story town-house style apartment, but our downstairs part is on the first floor of this Tudor-style manor house (built in the 1980’s). So we have to go from the basement where the car is parked, up two levels to the first floor, and then inside our apartment, we have stair leading up to the bedroom area. It really is quite a spacious apartment – large lounge / dining area with a compact but functional kitchen on one wall – upstairs is a large bathroom with spa bath and a large bedroom with a huge four-post bed. The bed is so high we almost need a ladder to climb into it.

It’s only got one bedroom, but there is plenty of room to set up the cot in the corner away from our bed.

After settling in, we drove to the supermarket to buy some mince and other supplies and then I made some bolognaise for dinner (which Andres loved), making sure I had left-overs so that we could serve this to Andres again tomorrow night.

Echuca to Albury

Echuca to Albury

The trip so far

The trip so far

Adelaide Road Trip 2009 – Day 30

Managed to get going a little earlier today. Unfortunately Andres woke up again and was having difficulty getting back to sleep – he was very restless, even after bringing him into our bed to sleep. I ended up moving to the second bedroom where we had his cot set up and sleeping on the spare bed, while Andres slept in our bed next to Leanne. At least this way we all got some sleep.

After breakfast we packed up and hit the road again. It was already hot – even though Adelaide had got a cool change, it looked like we were in for another 40+ degree day. Indeed, it quickly climbed to 42 and stayed there pretty much all day.

We arrived in Echuca in time for lunch, stopped at a bakery and then after lunch headed to our accommodation for the night – a very nice and quite new holiday apartment, complete with marble floors and benchtops and a large spa bath in the bathroom (which Andres refused to get out of during his evening bath).

We relaxed for a while and then I went out to buy some ingredients for dinner, I made a quick chicken pasta dish for us while Leanne made tuna and vegetables for Andres.

It was a bit disappointing that we were now only staying the one night at this place – it was a very nice apartment. Not exactly designed with children in mind (only one bedroom with the bathroom off that room), but it would have been nice to base ourselves here for a few days while we explored the area.

Swan Hill to Echuca

Swan Hill to Echuca

The trip so far

The trip so far