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The World According to Clarkson

For Christmas, my wife bought me a copy of Jeremy Clarkson’s book The World According to Clarkson. Being a fan of the BBC show Top Gear (shown on SBS Monday night 7:30pm here in Australia), she thought I might like to read some of Jeremy’s books. This book is actually a collection of his articles written weekly for a newspaper in England – and so each “chapter” is short, which makes the book quite easy to pick up and put down.

In the book, Jeremy attacks everything is his usual, sarcastic manner – and although some of the references to people and events are “you had to be there” type things which will leave non UK readers scratching their heads, there is so much other stuff that you can easily relate to – especially if you know what he is like from the TV show.

It’s brutally honest, very funny, and well worth the read if you are looking for some light hearted – if somewhat puerile – humour.

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The Boy from Oz

Just got back from a matinee showing of The Boy from Oz, starring Hugh Jackman as Peter Allen, Chrissy Amphlett as Judy Garland, Colleen Hewett as Marion Woolnough, Angela Toohey as Liza Minnelli.

It was a fantastic show – Hugh really knows how to work an audience (not that he has to work very hard … he has a lot of fans there … especially amongst the older audiences who typically attend matinee shows). Lots of very funny moments.

There was a lot of improvisation, and quite a bit of audience interaction.

Colleen Hewett was great playing Peter’s mum (not a dry eye in the house after her song “Don’t cry out loud”), and Angela Toohey was a very convincing Liza Minnelli.

… and the song Tenterfield Saddler finally starts to make a bit more sense now!

Very much worth the effort (despite the rather extravagent cost).

Queen concert at Taronga Zoo

We went and saw a concert at Taronga Zoo this evening: Queen – Champions Of The World … a cover band playing Queen songs exclusively.

Was a great evening – we took a picnic dinner, stretched out on a rug on the lawns in front of the stage (along with about 1000 other people) – and enjoyed the show … including singing along with almost every song, swaying, clapping, dancing – and laughing at the antics of the lead singer trying to bring elements of Freddy Mercury to his performance.

Thoroughly entertaining and well worth the effort.

What if Microsoft redesigned the iPod packaging?

What happens when Apple’s simplicity is outdone by Microsoft’s over-the-top design team ?

Microsoft iPod packaging parody (link to streaming video)

(via The Dancing Poodle)

Star Wars chain of Jedi training

Wendy over at Uncover the Internet, wonders Who Trained Palpatine?, and ponders if it was Yoda. Well no – actually it was Darth Plagueis.

I made a list of who trained and who killed whom (plus a bit of other info) … roughly in chronological order, and posted it over on my Ask Sim’ blog: Star Wars Masters & Apprentices