Sim' at Glacier Spegazzini

Sim' at Glacier Spegazzini

The Rhyme of Sim’ is a personal blog by Simon Hampel (aka Sim’) – business owner, web developer, educator, investor. I live in Sydney, Australia and am self employed – running several web based businesses of my own and also managing websites for other small businesses.

This site is a mixture of personal journal, travel blog, photo blog and such – it is mostly designed for my family and friends who are interested in what I’m up to.

My business site can be found at Hampel Group Pty Ltd.

My other websites include: InvestEd (wealth education community), ZooChat (zoo and animal conservation enthusiast community), and Compare Funds (managed investment comparison tool). I do run other sites on behalf of clients – you can find a list on my business site.

You can also find my professional network on LinkedIn, my personal network on Facebook, and my micro-blogging feed on Twitter – @SimonHampel.

As for the meaning behind the title of this blog – you can read a bit more about it on this post: Sim’ Rhymes with time

The image used as the basis for the header up the top was taken in 2008 near Glacier Spegazzini, on Lago Argentino in the Glaciers National Park near El Calafate in Argentina. This glacier is the tallest in the national park, with the face towering over 130m. It is quite imposing – and scary with almost continual falls of ice into the water and the occasional large iceberg calving off. For more information about this area – see my blog entry: El Calafate and Parque Nacional Los Glaciers.