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Dog city

Another thing I’ve noticed about this area – a lot of dogs. In the evening, we see a lot of people wandering past walking their dogs (the other day we say a dog walking some people too – that was funny).

I think LJ will like it here – just saw a Beagle puppy being walked past – she really likes Beagles. Although I don’t think we’d want to own one – too much hard work (they can be very naughty dogs) … LJ’s sister had a couple of Beagles.

Street corner mothers’ meeting

Our new place is on a street corner. It’s a pretty quiet area – but there is a bit of foot traffic around. I think I’m going to enjoy watching the neighbourhood wander by from my new office !

Just a short while ago I noticed a few people – women mostly it seemed – walking along the street – nothing unusual there, except they stopped to chat on the corner opposite ours to have a chat with some other people who had gathered there. I thought it was just an impromptu gathering as a result of these people happening to be in the same place at the same time – until cars started pulling up and more women began gathering there.

This was all a little strange I thought – until a school bus drove up and stopped at the bus stop just up the road – which I hadn’t noticed before. It’s only a school bus stop, there are no normal bus services in this area.

Of course, it was just past 3pm – so it seems I’m going to get the same thing every school day – a street corner mothers’ meeting, while they wait for their kids to arrive on the bus.

That’s not a problem – far better than the 3pm yelling and screaming that we got at the unit – there we backed on to an after-school care center, so it was very noisy between 3pm and 6pm every school night with the kids running around.

I think we’re going to enjoy living in this nice and friendly “family” area.

Photo of our house

Our house

First post from new place

I’m online at our new place !

We haven’t completely moved in yet – removalists don’t come until Thursday to move the furniture and such … but my ADSL was connected here at the new place today and my old connection will be disconnected from the unit tomorrow – so I’ve brought the modem over early to test it out … it works ! Yay.

We’re pretty close to done with the little stuff now … I’ve just got a few more things to go from my desk, and all my computer gear – which I intend to move tomorrow … but other than that, there’s just the non-essential stuff to go (ie stuff that won’t stop the removalists from moving the big items).

Will be good to get my desk and chair over on Thursday – until then I will be working from collapsible chairs and a picnic table.

Then again, with my WiFi connection, I should just grab my computer and go sit out on the lawn and enjoy the sun ! Pity the glare makes the screen almost unusable *sigh*.


I’m exhausted … for the last couple of days I’ve been lugging boxes of stuff downstairs to our car, driving across to the other side of the suburb, and then unloading them again at our new place.

That’s right – we’re moving. After around 6.5 years at our current place – a two bedroom apartment, we’re moving to a house – same suburb, other side of the tracks !

We’re only renting – houses in the street we’re living in cost way too much for us to buy just yet – in fact recently a new record was set for a house up the road (much larger than ours) – $2,385,000 !! (yes, that’s nearly $2.4 million).

We picked up the keys late Friday, spent Saturday and Sunday moving stuff across, and we’ll continue moving the small stuff over when we can. We have some removalists coming on Thursday to move the big stuff for us – should only take them a little while to do that, we’ve already done the fiddly bits. We have to be out of our unit by Saturday – got lots of cleaning to do first though!

So we’re rather busy – and very tired right now !! Looking forward to relaxing in our new place – although then we have to unpack and sort out all our junk – eww.